Endevarous Dancers

Endevarous Dancers Group consists of 5 members, Shavarr McFarlane, Rayan Robinson, Gauntlett Stewart, Demar Ford, and Christopher Maragh. This is a group from St Thomas, who has been around 8 years now. Since the creation of the group, they have entered many competitons, in the aim of getting their name established. First being the JCDC festival in 2011 where they won the category, Popular Dance B-Class 6. This motivated them to go further. The next completion was KFC’s On The Verge Talent Competition, where they were placed 4th as the only dance group in the top 4 (2011), Second place winners for Dancing Dynamite 2012, 3rd place for World Reggae Dance 2013, 1st Placed World Reggae Dance 2014, 1st place Dancing Dynamite 2015. Also 4 members have pursued and complete  2 years course Associate Degree in Performing Arts from the Excelsior Community College.