Dansa Bling – The Groovin King

Kent Robinson, more popularly known as Dansa Bling was born in Kingston, Jamaica on July 30th, 1982. Dansa Bling worked his way up to popularity on the Dancehall scene.

In 2005 He was the lead dancer in Elephant man’s music video Willy bounce.
In 2010 His dance STAY CLEAR won the Best dancehall step of the year .
He continued to push forward and was crowned Male Dancer of the year 2012 and again in 2013.

In 2013 he also Toured 5 cities in Russia : Chelyabinsk, Kazan, St.Petersburg, Moscow and Siberia.
The following year he did his first European Tour : Paris – France, Bordeaux – France, Barcelona – Spain, Lausanne – Switzerland.
That same year in November he was one of the teachers in BIG UP KEMP in Argentina.
He recently completed his second European tour April 2015 : Strasbourg – France, Barcelona – Spain, Gdansk – Poland, Rome – Italy and Warsaw – Poland.
Dansa Bling was again one of the teachers of BIG UP KEMP 2015 but this time back in Russia, and he also toured 7 countries in Europe in 2016.

Dansa Bling is known for his Grooving style in Dancehall and was named the Groovin King.

Steps created by Dansa Bling :
1: Stay clear
2: Trample dem
3: Physical
4: Move and guh tru
5: So smooth
6: Wifi
7: Tek off
8: Groovin
9: A level Groovin
10:Badman step
11: Mek di way
12: Happiness
13: Bounce again
14: Earth to sky
15: Piece a dis piece a dat
16: Travel
17: Seeit Deh
18: Summa Beat
19: Badda Badda
20: No Parking
21: Cross over
22: Yardie bounce
23: Tribute
24: New Groove
25: Snap
27: Ankle Strap
28: Wanted
29: Yaddy
Just to name a few…

Dansa Bling is a veteran in Dancehall with a lot of knowledge from his years of experience.