Dancehall Dream Camp Feb 2017 !

The bookings have begun ! Don’t get left out of the 1st and biggest Dancehall camp in Jamaica !

Dancehall Dream February 1-10 2017

Book now !

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Dancehall Dream Jamaica’s 1st n Biggest dancehall camp

Prices : 750€ or 845 US$

Package includes :
Airport shuttle service
18 classes
10 street parties
1 beach party
1 river party
Historic site visit
Student show case

Come and learn from your teachers :

Shelly Xpressionz
Stacy Xpressionz
Dansa Bling
Andre Cosmic (Elite Team)
Nikki Trice (Rifical Team)
Sashi Xpressionz
Endevarous Dancers
Collo Collo
Tazz Timeless
Kool Ravas
DHQ Danger
Dancin Rebel (Outshine Girls)
Chiney Unique
Cojo MOB
Equanoxx Shankers
Killa Bean (Supreme Blazers)
Book now for the Dancehall Experience of a lifetime !

Dancehall Dream Camp 2017 being prepared

Dancehall Dream Camp 2017 is presently in the planning stage and is promising to be bigger and better than before. Already the team has secured teachers that will definitely attract the attention of the rest of the world.

Last year DDC had a section on the camp called “icons” which included “Blazay, Colo Colo and Labba Labba.

This year there will be a section called “Dancehall Generals” which will bring some of the important names that have seemingly been forgotten in dancehall.

As usual the camp will showcase evenly old school middle school and new groove dancehall teachers. Plus showing of the traditional side of Jamaica a side that many in dancehall do not show. Prepare to be taken on a journey of rich historic culture.

Dancehall Dream 2017 bringing the world home !