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Our Achievements

Since the group inception we have won over 20 medals and national trophies at our local school festival and since going commercial we have won over 15 major awards including dance group of the year and best international dance group.

The company's Artistic Director Orville Hall has written the 1st accredited dancehall course in the history of the genre.

How we Formed

The group started back in 2000 while Orville Hall was a student teacher at Exed Community College, the founding members are Shelly Ann Callum, Stacy Ann Facey, Sherene Davis and Amoy Talyor who now resides in the U.S.A.

15 years later the group still has grown from just a dance group to a company and still has 3 of the 4 founding members who are not only principal dancers but executive members... Shelly Xpressionz is the Operations manager, Stacy Xpressionz is the Production coordinator and Sherene Xpressionz is the group's costume consultant.

Our Future

Dance Xpressionz now has their own dance studio which they recently upgraded into a multipurpose space...having a chroma key green screen for video production, dance floor for classes, mini bar, chill spot and a massage room.

The company is aiming to be the first dancehall institution in Jamaica, where they teach dancehall dance, dancehall theatre and the fundamentals of dancehall music.

All About The Artists Dance Xpressionz and Xpressionz family

Dance Xpressionz

Dance Xpressionz is a 15yrs old professional dance company that stands as one of biggest brand in dancehall dance in Jamaica. The Artistic director and senior members of…

Orville Xpressionz

Orville Xpressionz – Dancehall Professor Orville Hall born December 20th is the 2nd of 3 boys for Kennth & Laurel Hall. He always displayed a passion for dance,…

Shelly Xpressionz

Shelly Xpressionz – First Lady Shelly-Ann Callum is the name and she is a founding member, principal dancer and choreographer for her company Dance Xpressionz for 16 years.…

Upcoming Events to look forward to

Dance Moves Ketch di dance !

"The place to be..... Want new dance moves? Come here... Want to lose weight? Come here.. Want to stay fit? Come here... Want to stay in the game? Come here... You know what! Just come here!"
JQ-Neeky Myrie

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